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Price for 1 month by monthly payment: 195,-

Price for 12 months with annual payment: 1.750,- (i.e. monthly price of 145,-)


Price for pensioners 1 month by monthly payment: 145,-

Price for pensioners 12 months w/annual payment: 1.350,- (i.e. monthly price of 112,50)



When you have read all the info on this page, we recommend that you watch the video below, in which we guide you through the creation of a membership and the choices of subscriptions.

PLEASE NOTE: The minimum age for members is 15 and for members between the age of 15 to 18 a guardianship statement is required.

Before making a Firehøje Fitness subscription , you need to sign up as a member of the Fireføje Fitness department by clicking this link.

This creates a profile for you in Conventus.
You can  then chose either a Fitness 1 måned (1 month) or 
Fitness 12 måneder  (12 months) (see the subscriptions described below): 

Fitness 1 måned

Fitness 12 måneder

Age 65 and above

After the subscription has been paid, you need to sign up for a personal instructions class here: 

Instructors are also present at these times:

Mondays 08:45-10:15

Tuesdays, even weeks 18:30-20:00

Wednesdays, odd weeks 09:30-11:00

Wednesday 18:00-19:30

Thursdays 18:30-20:00

After the instruction class you are free to train in the fitness center.
   NOTE: Members on hold don´t need to sign up for an instructions class, they just need to show up at the center when an instructor is present. He/she will then re-activate the key chip or hand over a new one.

   NOTE: If you wish to sign up for a subscription close to summer vacation or other vacations/holidays you need to send us an e-mail in order to make an appointment winth an instructior.
Abonnement (Subscription)

You have 2 options of subscription available: 1 Month or 12 Months, which means you chose either to be charged automatically once a month or once a year.

1 month: 195,-

12 months: 1750,-

By automatic payment once a year you get the cheepest subscription, 125,- per month
Age 65 and above gets a discont of 50% on both kinds of subscription

A deposit of 100,- is paid for the key chip when a subscription is made.

Handing over the key chip (at eg. cancellation of a membership) the deposit will be refunded when giving up a reg. and account information.
Questions or need for help ? Write to this e-mail: FIREHOJEFITNESS@GMAIL.COM
With both subscription types you have free access to individual training in the center.

Remember you need to actively cancel the subscription yourself in order to stop the automatic payments.

To select the desired subscription you click on the current link below (Subscription types and ordering).

Subscription types and ordering:

Fitness 1 måned

Fitness 12 måneder

Age 65 and above

Firehøje IF

Mød os i Vandel Idrætshal, Skolevej 8, 7184 Vandel og Nørup Hallen, Tørskindvej 3 E, Ny Nørup, 7182 Bredsten.

Telefon: 23245512
CVR: 29403619
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Mød os i Vandel Idrætshal, Skolevej 8, 7184 Vandel og Nørup Hallen, Tørskindvej 3 E, Ny Nørup, 7182 Bredsten