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Welcome to gymnastic in Firehøje

The gymnastics season starts in week 37 and continues until all performances are over, typically at the end of March. Of course, the teams take part in Firehøje IF's local performance, but some teams also join other performances in the region to represent Firehøje IF.

When you sign up for a team, you sign up, and pay for an entire season.

The first three times on the team (weeks 37-40) are trials where you can try out the team and see if it meets expectations.
The dues must be paid no later than week 40.

If you or your child want to join a gymnastics team, but have not been registered from the start of the season, you can contact either the instructors on the team or the board to find out more about the possibilities for tryouts and starting the team.

As we would like to support that all children, who want to engage in gymnastics, can have the opportunity to do so, there is generally an opportunity to start in a team, even if the child has not been there from the beginning of the season. If you start a team later, you still register and pay for an entire season.

The season starts in September 2024.